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International 1h 25m 2021


A young writer struggles to balance his career ambitions, his increasingly demanding personal life, and his dwindling finances in this lowkey charmer from France.

After achieving some modest success with a short story, Labidi (Aurélien Gabrielli) is content to lead a cash-strapped bohemian existence while he plugs away at his debut novel. But when Labidi falls for beautiful Elisa (Louise Chevillotte, PFF28’s Synonyms), the tiny room he shares with his friend Alekseï (Léon Cunha Da Costa) no longer seems adequate. Determined to upgrade to a bigger apartment but lacking the funds, Labidi throws himself into a series of money-making schemes. Labidi begins to devote most of his time to degrading odd jobs and ethically dubious scams. His progress on the novel falters, much to the chagrin of his agent and publisher. With his aspirations for a fulfilling personal life and successful career pulling him in seemingly different directions, Labidi must find a way to keep his dreams afloat. In his feature directorial debut, Louda Ben Salah-Cazanas lends classic themes of French cinema a distinctly contemporary touch, mixing evergreen subjects of first love and artistic ambition with timely and perceptive observations on navigating multicultural identity and trying to get by in a city where rents are high and jobs are scarce.

Cast: Aurélien Gabrielli, Louise Chevillotte, Saadia Bentaïeb, Jacques Nolot

Part of the Cinema de France Category