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International 1h 39m 2021


Two young and carefree aspiring actresses chase their theater dreams in the streets of Paris until sudden hardship threatens their plans and tests their sisterhood.

Margot (Souheila Yacoub) and Alma (Déborah Lukumuena) are two best friends with a shared passion for acting. Yet to land any roles, they support each other’s dreams unrelentingly. Tedious days working at countless cafes and odd jobs between auditions are offset by wild Parisian nights spent tormenting cheating ex-boyfriends, crashing parties, and picking up new lovers. Their excitement and determination are palpable when they’re finally cast in their first stage production as lead and understudy. Nothing and no one can quelch their transcendent joy or youthful fervor to conquer the world. However, Margot soon learns Alma is keeping a secret that jeopardizes her role and makes them both question the rosy futures they envision. Nevertheless, Margot commits to supporting Alma in whatever lies ahead, often using their shared love of theater to offer a temporary escape. Self-taught director Anaïs Volpé explores the tight bonds of female friendship in the face of unexpected adversity in this heartfelt and touching debut feature that world premiered in Directors’ Fortnight at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Cast: Souheila Yacoub, Déborah Lukumuena, Matthieu Longatte, Angélique Kidjo

Part of the Cinema de France Category

Available until October 31 at 10:00AM.