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International 1h 10m 2021


On a mission to rescue their mom’s beloved pooch, two moronic brothers descend into a world of demented depravity in this bizarre, imaginatively grotesque farce.

Despite also being brother filmmakers from Belgium, directors Harpo and Lenny Guit demonstrate less of an affinity with their esteemed countrymen the Dardennes than with King of Bad Taste John Waters in their outrageous feature debut. Mother Schmuckers begins with a scatological set piece that wouldn’t have been out of place in Pink Flamingos, and the rest of the film only gets more shocking, perverse, and outlandishly funny from there. It’s the sordid tale of 20-something brothers Issachar (Maxi Delmelle) and Zabulon (Harpo Guit) whose harried sex worker mom Cashmere (Claire Bodson, PFF28’s Young Ahmed) readily admits that she prefers her mangy dog January Jack to her idiotic offspring. When the dog goes missing, the brothers are propelled into a series of comic misadventures throughout the seedy underbelly of Brussels, meeting all manner of weirdos and degenerates along the way. Having made a splash in the Midnight section of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this proudly lo-fi, deceptively ingenious provocation is certainly not for the faint of heart (or stomach) but is sure to find a cult audience among viewers with a taste for the offbeat and obscene.

Cast: Harpo Guit, Maxi Delmelle, Claire Bodson, Mathieu Amalric

Part of the After Hours Category